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Welcome to, your one-stop source for squeeze juice needs.
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We at strive to be your one-stop source for all information regarding squeezable beverages. By providing in-depth reviews and analyses of squeeze drinks we hope to allow the consumer to make the most informed decision possible when purchasing a squeeze drink.

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At we are constantly working to find and review new products and expand our knowledge base; please stay tuned as the site is continually updated. We're always looking for new drinks to taste. If you know of a line of squeeze beverages that we have not yet featured, please tell us!

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We in no way endorse the purchase of or consumption of any particular brand of drink. Squeeze Drinks solely exists for entertainment purposes and should not be the ultimate judge on what juice is the best. We do not take responsibility of any bad things that occur from consumption of squeeze drinks featured on this website.

What's your favorite line of squeeze drinks?
Capri Sun
Hi-C Blast
Kool Aid Burst
Kool Aid Jammers
Join in the forums!
     Update by Anonymous on May 19, 2005

The Dumb Laws forums are alive, kicking, and hotter than ever. Check them out at Especially check out the "Politics" section where there is plenty of discussion about hot current events.

I can't let Andy steal the entire spotlight
     Update by Nader Farzan on June 8, 2004

Not only do I drink squeeze drinks all day long, I'm also a starving artist.

a small sampling of my work

Sign the petition to bring back Squeez-it
     Update by Nader Farzan on June 3, 2004

Sign the petition to bring back the age-old classic drink!

Squeeze Drinks Launches!
     Update by Nader Farzan on May 21, 2004

A brand new website on the greatest part of school lunches: the squeeze drinks. Check out!

Three months and countless ounces of juice later, is finally unveiled. We hope to continue to provide in-depth, unbiased information about the hottest commodity to hit elementary school campuses. The age old Capri Sun vs. Kool Aid dispute may never be settled, but we know one thing is for certain: a drink isn't a drink unless you can squeeze it.