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Hi-C Blast Sour Wild Cherry

Brand: Hi-C Blast
Flavor: Sour Wild Cherry
Package Type: Pouch
Retail Price per Pack: $1.99
Retail Price per fl.oz.: $0.029
Fl.oz. per Unit: 6.75
Units per Pack: 10
Health Info: Calories: 110
Carbohydrates: 29g
Sugars: 27g
Rating - Flavor Accuracy: 1
Rating - Taste: 1
Rating - Value: 1
Rating - Overral: 1

The most natural tasting of all the other cherry drinks. This sharp and less offensive beverage is not as sour as its Green Apple cousin. However, we at Squeeze Drinks do not comprehend the hype over sour flavored juices.

Hi-C provides us with a modern rendition of the age-old pouch design. This package is easy to hold and open with its contour design and large opening area at the top. This drink comes with a thicker, sturdier straw that provides greater flow, appeasing even the most intense of squeezers.

Lunchbox Fit:
Fits easily inside a standard lunchbox with generous room leftover for sandwich, apple, and granola bar.

A hole formed at the top of pouch and starting leaking juice. Not as bad as the Capri-Sun explosion but still not very sturdy.

Insulation Quality:
Newer, more innovative design proves to be slight more effective. Juice was marginally more frozen than the competing pouch products. However, it wasn't frozen enough to delay consumption.

Brand Line:
Hi-C has successfully provided a very promising drink with great flow and package design. The flavors were fairly sweet yet offered great variety.

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