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Kool Aid Bursts Tropical Punch

Brand: Kool Aid Bursts
Flavor: Tropical Punch
Package Type: Squeeze Bottle
Retail Price per Pack: $0.99
Retail Price per fl.oz.: $0.024
Fl.oz. per Unit: 6.75
Units per Pack: 6
Health Info:
Calories: 100
Carbohydrates: 24g
Sugars: 24g
Rating - Flavor Accuracy: 4
Rating - Taste: 4
Rating - Value: 4
Rating - Overral: 4

True to the classic design this beverage exhibits a classic taste. The taste is milder than expected, and exhibits a slight melted-popsicle flavor, but is overall a rewarding experience. It should be noted that while completely different than the Kool-Aid Jammers version of the same flavor it is still distinctly Kool-Aid in flavor.

Almost a carbon copy of the ancient Squeeze-it bottles. This tried-and-true design however has some flaws; very small tab at the top for opening and high-squeezeability factor can contribute to spillage when opening. It should be noted that using one's mouth to open the top can reduce spillage, however neither Kool-Aid nor recommends this method. Aside from opening the squeezeability is a benefit to the consumption process and makes the experience one to cherish.

Lunchbox Fit:
Fits perfectly as if the lunch box was designed with this bottle in mind. Ample room for other lunch goodies.

Like its cousin, the Jammer, this container survived the test without a scratch. Very well-built product with a tried and true design.

Insulation Quality:
Very cold, no ice was evident. We estimate it will warm up more quickly than the rest because of the lack of residual ice.

Brand Line:
Perhaps the ultimate squeeze bottle style drink since the demise of Squeeze-It long ago. Exciting powerful flavors and excellent packaging mark this brand. Kool-Aid bursts are simply the epitome of the classic squeeze beverage. Perfect year round for any occasion.

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