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Kool Aid Jammers Cherry

Brand: Kool Aid Jammers
Flavor: Cherry
Package Type: Pouch
Retail Price per Pack: $1.67
Retail Price per fl.oz.: $0.025
Fl.oz. per Unit: 6.75
Units per Pack: 10
Health Info: Calories: 90
Carbohydrates: 24g
Sugars: 24g
Rating - Flavor Accuracy: 3
Rating - Taste: 2
Rating - Value: 4
Rating - Overral: 3

The Cherry flavor overpowers this rather artificial tasting undertones. Overall finish very Robitussin-esque. Only suitable for less-discerning palates

Classic Capri-Sun packaging with a twist. The back of the package is clear to demonstrate the vivid colors of the beverage. This exciting innovation gives this drink a one-up on Capri-Sun in the packaging department
Lunchbox Fit:
Fits easily inside a standard lunchbox with generous room leftover for sandwich, apple, and granola bar.

Pouch survived test unscathed. We are truly impressed by the superior durability of this product.

Insulation Quality:
The temperature was still cold and prime for consumption. Slight slushee-effect was cured by body temperature when held.

Brand Line:
Initial impression is exciting with the packaging giving an extremely positive first impression. The flavors leave a lot to be desired and are overall too artificial and strong tasting. Presentation perfect, but execution is disappointing.

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