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Mondo Fruit Squeezers Primo Punch

Brand: Mondo Fruit Squeezers
Flavor: Primo Punch
Package Type: Squeeze Bottle
Retail Price per Pack: $1.49
Retail Price per fl.oz.: $0.037
Fl.oz. per Unit: 6.75
Units per Pack: 6
Health Info:
Calories: 45
Carbohydrates: 10g
Sugars: 11g
Rating - Flavor Accuracy: 3
Rating - Taste: 3
Rating - Value: 3
Rating - Overral: 3

Mondo's definition of Primo Punch must be "melted popsicle" because thatís exactly what this beverage brings to mind. Artificial sweeteners are well masked by the mild popsicle taste

Mondo drinks use a simple contoured bottle design. Similar to the Squeeze-it drinks of old, but with a more angular look. The top is the classic twist off with a large tap for easy use. The bottle is more robust than most squeeze bottle designs which virtually eliminates the chance of spilling while opening, but unfortunately limits squeezing action.

Lunchbox Fit:
Fits slightly better than pouch shaped products. Plenty of room left over.

The bottle sustained slight damage to the twist-off top but the seal was not broken. Buyers should be aware of this and treat bottle carefully

Insulation Quality:
Still very cold, with solid block of ice in the middle. Poses a problem where one consumes half the volume and has to wait for the rest to continue melting.

Brand Line:
Mondo provides an overall positive experience. The flavors are pleasant, if somewhat detracted from by artificial sweeteners. Trading a small amount of flavor for health benefits, Mondos drinks are the most health conscious squeeze drinks of all tested. Overall, a more sophisticated squeeze drink for a more mature audience. Mondo beverages fill their niche in the market very well.

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